Babenas are building NFT platform on marmalade infrastructure
3 min readFeb 21, 2022


Babenas are building All-in-One experience for NFTs on Kadena ecosystem. Everything you need on one place to taste groundbreaking technology of standard which addresses many of the concerns that are currently plaguing NFT owners and communities..

100% on-chain tx, high-quality provenance, low gas fees? -Yes please!

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Functions and Platform features

Below we outline the planned features with Babena’s NFT platform:


  • Launching your collection shouldn’t be a headache or cut-throat negotiation. NFTs create tremendous value, and we want to grow Kadena one NFT at a time. Babena’s launchpad is an easy, no-frills destination for creators. Launch and list your NFT collection with ease. Leverage our 0% transaction costs and in-house developers to make your collection drop possible. We’ll help integrate K:accounts into a contract for your custom community WL, and premium packages will assist in building out tokenomics and staking functionalities if you decide to have your NFT collection fair-launch its own governance token.
  • Fair and random launch of each NFT ensuring post-mint transparency and fairness in the distribution.


  • The best place to buy, sell, and auction NFTs in the Kadena ecosystem. 0% gas fees, all platform costs funded by BabeDAO. We are bringing a beautiful UI to create seamless experiences for Kadenians. NFTs will be purchased in $KDA. Choose rarities and buy your favorite NFT art from your favorite NFT collection in the kadena ecosystem.

DAO Tooling

  • Custom forums under gov.babena site, where communities can organize to post request-for-comments, craft formal action proposals, and take snapshots to vote. These specific functionalities will be tailored to the desires of partner DAOs, depending on how they see their governance operating post-launch.

NFT Staking

  • NFT Staking and Fair-launch Tokenomics consultations, specifically tailored for your collection size, price point, and market conditions.


  • Collections will allow artists to exhibit their art under their own placement on the website. This will help artists uniquely display and set themselves apart from other NFTs. Our platform will host virtual spaces where art shows and exclusive events can be held.


  • Babena Loot Boxes are a fun way to unpredictably reward users of our NFT marketplace. Loot Boxes will allow users of our marketplace to have a chance to win NFTs of variable rarities carefully curated by our team. Users will be able to select from a pool of randomized boxes — some boxes are awarded for free, some are purchased — and to unlock all boxes a ‘Loot Key’ is required. All loot keys and boxes will be tradable assets and fairly awarded to participants.


  • Avatars will play an important role in the gamification of the Babena platform. Users can only acquire them through boxes. These will be rare cosmetics made by community artists, and will be periodically released as auctions to fund hosting the Marketplace, as well as be added to Loot Boxes to be won by users.


Babenas are here to build awesome utilities that fundamentally make people want to use Kadena. We see so much potential in this space, and are eager to grow with Kadena as we transform alongside this wonderful chain and manifest the amazing hub of web3 innovation we know it can be.

Launch date is as soon as marmalade comes to the main-net.

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