The Road Ahead
3 min readJul 10, 2022


We’ve come a long way.

On December 25th, 2021 we released our first medium to the public highlighting our dreams for the Kadena NFT ecosystem.

Nearly 7 months later, those dreams are taking their first steps into reality as we prepare to release the first application layer on top of Kadena’s Marmalade NFT infrastructure.

Enter: Babena Labs

How have we prepared?

Babenas have developed a golden standard for NFT launches on marmalade that will provide important peace of mind for buyers.

- No premints

- No metadata before or during the mint (reveal nfts/metadata later)

- On-chain Randomness

What have we built?

The marketplace will be live on mainnet as soon as it is ready with marketplace and launchpad, facilitating the marmalade standard on Kadena. Marmalade standard is still in development and being worked on by Kadena team, but main things are finished for us to work on.

Wallets holding a Babena NFT will never incur a Platform fee. Babena holders will always frictionlessly use Babena infrastructure.

0% Platform fees, for Babenas NFT holders, forever.

All interactions with will be recorded on-chain and tracked by Babena Labs. We will use this data as one weight factor in the determination of our airdrop.


Will be the token granting utility via BabeDAO governance.

Babena NFTs will be granted a pro-rata share of the $BENA token distribution.

$BENA will be released when we have optimal liquidity solutions live on Kadena, adequate cross chain infrastructure, and access to centralized exchange listings for our holders.


BabeDAO, originally ideated in November 2021, is a grass-roots endeavor to fund development on Kadena. To grow BabeDAO’s war chest, our products will divert these revenue streams:

  • 10% of launchpad income
  • 100% of secondary market royalties going to DAO
  • 90% of all chainbabe auctions
  • 50% of merchandising profits

We will continue to grow community funds in the BabeDAO multi-sig and create opportunities for our community to organically decide causes worth funding. We hope to work with others to build out reliable on-chain governance for Kadena in the coming months.


After our mint, our provenance standard will be available for other collections to implement. We hope that as more infrastructure is created around marmalade, as more primitives arise, we can build this ecosystem together. We open sourced our contracts with a full video of how it’s working.

We have made this initial application of the marketplace, but we will need many amazing projects to help Kadena thrive. We want to make your NFT collection easy to launch on Kadena.

To contact us for partnerships, please contact us on discord to discuss the details of your situation.

We are happy to advise on launch strategy, tokenomics, integrations with our friends at the Stake Factory , or anything else you would like our input on! Just reach out.

Babena NFTs grant you a cute, fluffy companion on the Kadena blockchain where you can be a part of Babena. The first nft collection on Kadena marmalade standard, launched on — our NFT launchpad & marketplace.

The Sale — Round 2

OG Babena supporters have already purchased 1000 NFTs in the presale for $75 each.

Another 1500 Babena will be sold to grow our ranks. The WL price will be $80 in KDA, where whitelisted wallets will be able to mint up to five babena.

All remaining Babena will be sold in the public sale for $85. The public sale will last until all Babena remaining are sold.
Total Supply: 2500 NFTs

We are extremely excited to be building here with you! We hope to bring products to Kadena we can all use and benefit from.

We look forward to the months and years ahead!

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Feel free to reach out anytime :)



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